July 14, 2011

1basic, 3 looks

Hoy, a la hora de vestirme, decidí desde el principio que iba a ponerme una camiseta/vestido básica de palabra de honor...realmente, no se porque! Ya que vi que tenía tres opciones de conjuntos a elegir, y no me decantaba por ninguno, aquí tenéis los tres (de recompensa por los días que llevo sin publicar un look^^). Espero que os gusten!!

Today, when I was dressing up, I decided to wear a basic strapless t-shirt/dress...I don't really know why! As I saw that I couldn't  choose between three optional looks, here you are all (a little recompense because I haven't posted a look for several days^^). Hope you like them!!

Cual es vuestro favorito?
Which one is your favourite?


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  1. Hey! I like the first look the best. A bit obsessed with the strapless shirts and dresses myself! Did you get the chance to follow yet? Btw, are you spanish or...?

  2. all three looks are great!! :)

  3. That is a beautiful skirt! Great looks!

  4. I totally love your blog and your style. That denim jacket is super cute! I'm following your blog now!


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