July 10, 2011

I turn the music up, I got my records on!

Ayer fue un día casero, viendo películas y sin moverme del sofá con Sergio (claro que despúes de unas mini-compras de un bolso y un anillo monísimo en Pimkie que os enseñaré en breves^^), así que el look que llevaba no era digno de este blog!! Por eso es por lo que voy a aprovechar este post para enseñaros un poco de mí antes de publicar este blog. Os parece bien?
Espero que os guste!! :)

PD: Os voy a dejar una canción que puede que ya conozcáis, y que me encanta desde la primera vez que la escuché!
Yesterday was a home day, watching films without getting up from the sofa with Sergio (of course, after some mini-shopping of a bag and a lovely ring in Pimkie that I'll show you soon^^), so that the look that I was wearing wasn't worthy of this blog!!That¡s why i'm going to use this post to show you a little about me before I published this blog. Allright?

Hope you like it!!:)

PS: I'm going to attach a song that maybe you already know,  and that I love since the first time that I heard it!

*Belgium '09*
*Colonia '09*

 *Germany '10*


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  1. Hi there! Thanks for your comment, it was really nice and appreciate you saying that! I really have to say that I'm liking your look, your really pretty! And I'm not just saying, I think you're very beautiful :)! I'm totally gonna give your blog a chance and like you said you can follow mine :) keep in touch!

  2. Wow, you are SO pretty! And I love your style!

    PS: Love the shoes on the last picture!


  3. You look sooo pretty :))) Wanna follow each other?

    LOVE from Germany

    My English Fashion Blog:

  4. lovely photos :)

  5. heey, thanks dear. Love your blog too. You have an amazing style. Like it.
    Of course, lets follow each other :)

  6. Just followed you. Hope to hear from you soon ;)

  7. Me encanta Coldplay!Estas muy guapa en todas las fotos,pero hay una que sales espectacular.


  8. Muy lindo e interesante tu blog, amiga.
    Cuando quieras refugiarte en buenas baladas de ayer, hoy y siempre en todos los idiomas y géneros te invito a visitar mi blog y también escucharme.
    Desde éste Sábado 9, nuevas voces de España.
    Te espero.
    Beto, desde Rosario-Argentina.

  9. Such a cute post!
    Great blog! Following! Follow back? <3


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