July 5, 2011

Welcome to ChicPoint!

Hola a todos! Llevaba ya algo más de un año empapándome de todos vuestros blogs, y hoy por fin he dado el gran paso de crear el mío propio ( deseadme mucha suerte!!!).
Antes de todo, os cuento un poco sobre mí:
Soy de Córdoba y tengo 17 años. Acabo de terminar bachillerato, y todo apunta a que en octubre estaré estudiando un Grado de Comunicación Audiovisual en Granada. También estoy muy interesada en los temas de diseño publicitario e informático, aunque creo que más bien quedará en un hobby. Me encanta la música, casi de todo tipo. Y, como no, soy una seguidora de la moda que podría estar 24horas seguidas de tienda en tienda sin cansarse ni un poquito!

En resúmen, bienvenidos a mi blog!

Hi everyone! It has been a long time reading all your blogs, and finally today I've decided to create my own blog( wish me luck!!!).
First of all, I am going to tell you a little bit about me:
I'm from Córdoba, Spain, and I'm 17. I've just finished High School , and, if nothing changes, this October I will be studying Audiovisual Communication in Granada. Also, I'm really interested in advertising desing. However, I think it will only be a hobby. I love music, almost all type. And, what else, I'm so mad about fashion that I could stay 24h going around shops without getting tired!

To sum up, welcome to my blog!


  1. Linda :) aquí tienes a tu primera seguidora

  2. "I'm so mad about fashion that I could stay 24h going around shops without getting tired!"...I understand you so well!

    Good luck with the blog :)

  3. Beautiful photo :) nice post and beautiful blog :)
    If you like comment on my blog :) I'll be very happy ♥

  4. chicas mas guapas lo dudo (L)firmado onreit

  5. Thanks guys! U are all so lovely ;)

  6. love your blog too! i just love white sunglasses :D nice outfits too


  7. Finally!! Someone around my age!! I was just chilling and looking through several blogs and omg all of them were about old people, married ones, cats, art and religion!! where the heck are the teens!? Glad to find ya!!
    I'm 16, in november 17 (yay!) Senior class, graduated in june and planning to study finances and international business!


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